Creative Conservation, LLC

Description Of Services

 *         Land Conservation Initiatives Creative Conservation, LLC works with individuals, groups and public agencies seeking to protect identified lands and resources through acquisition of land and conservation easements. 

  *        Planning the Future of Family Lands.  Often, families that own valuable properties need outside assistance in deciding the future of their lands, particularly in estate planning or post-inheritance situations.  Creative Conservation, LLC  provides land use expertise while helping to facilitate the decision-making process among family members.

  *       Land Use Planning and Creative Development.  Creative Conservation works with landowners to plan the future use of their land including development, recreation, resource production, and natural area protection.  It strives to meet both the economic and conservation objectives of the landowner.  It can assist landowners through all phases of a project from conceptual planning through regulatory permitting.  

  *        Land Use Policy and Education.  Creative Conservation works with organizations and public agencies to develop and promote sound land use policies and practices.  

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